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A Gorgeous National Park and a Costa Rica Villa That Will Blow Your Mind

No matter how sterling Costa Rica's worldwide reputation has become, the talk, in some ways, fails to do the little country justice. Costa Rica is the kind of place that brings to mind words like "paradise," as many who have visited it can attest. Despite receiving so much attention from those who live elsewhere, it also has plenty of unspoiled, pristine natural wonders and beaches to boast of.

The Manuel Antonio park, for example, is considered by many visitors to be among the world's most beautiful and best-preserved reserves. Sprawling from a rugged set of mountains down to some of the whitest, softest beaches to be found anywhere, the park serves as home for more than 300 distinct species of animals. In a single day spent sightseeing there, visitors can take in more in the way of natural variety and beauty than might be experienced in weeks in another country.

Despite being so pristine and natural, the park is also highly accessible. Accommodations nearby range from affordable hotels to a Costa Rica Villa that will blow your mind, regardless of the expectations and prior experiences that a person might have. Built by one of the country's wealthiest industrial barons in a bygone era, the villa is the kind of edifice that few would even contemplate producing today. It stands on the sort of secluded, spacious plot, too, that allows those who stay there to feel like they are truly sheltered from the concerns of the wider world.

While having so much in the way of natural beauty and unspoiled sights would be enough to make Costa Rica a world-class destination, the truth is that the country has quite a bit more to offer. After spending a day in Manuel Antonio, for example, many visitors decide upon something more active and exciting for the next one. Costa Rica is just as generous here, providing world-class water-skiing, diving, or para-sailing, along with any other way to enjoy the country's famous sun and good weather. Time spent in Costa Rica, then, can be of any kind that visitors want it to be, and this is a big part of what makes the country so appealing.